My Double Life - Janette Rallison

This may be my least favorite book of Janette Rallison, whom I have in high esteem when it comes to YA books. She knows how to create likeable characters in normal or strange situations. I was not really hoping much, but because it is her book, I decided to give it a chance.


The plot has been used multiple of times, but I still enjoy it, whether in book or movie. A normal girl gets a job as the double of a famous super-star and moves to LA to pose as Kari, the popular singer.


Alexia, the MC, was nice and likeable. She finds out that Kari's father, the super-famous Alex Kingsley, is really the father who abandoned her mother before she was born. That is the main reason she goes to work for Kari. She bonds -somewhat superficially- with Kari, which is one of the things I did not like very much. Or they bond and become real friends, or -which was more realistic- Kari would have thought who the hell Alexia was to think of becoming her friend.


Also, it may seem the first and only time I did not precisely like the romantic interest, Grant. Mainly, because he was, oh, so handsome and hot, and whatever. Very little chemistry between Alexia and Grant; it was more about physical attraction (which I found extremely disappointing... after all, JR knows how to write the most exquisite main love interest... Tristan anyone?).


Taking aside the disappointment in the love area, and Alexia's relationship with her father, it was an enjoyable reading. But that ending... ***eye-roll**. Too cliche, too convenient. I did not like Alexia's father one bit, and to write him all goody-goody for the last pages was a wrong decision. Don't even let me start with perfect Grant.


Not one of JR best. I would recommend, as always, the two books of My Fairy Grandmother.