The Drops of God 1 - Shu Okimoto, Tadashi Agi

The art resembles more to a comic than a manga. Shizuku, the main character, looks a lot like damn Yagami Light...

Once more I am grateful to the making of dorama; otherwise I probably would not know the existence of this manga. Ever since I watched the movie "Sideways" I've been interested in wince tasting, the methods, the art itself. I myself am completely ignorant about the subject; I do not even like drinking wine. But it is fabulous to watch connoisseurs of wine enjoy the before, during and after the wine drink.

We have two different MC in this story: Shizuku, son of the world-wide known wine critic who has never taste wine in his life, but who has an incredible sense of smell. And then, we have Miyabi, a sommelier apprentice. Most of the story is like reading a book about wine: description of the making of a certain one, prices, differences between the cheap and the expensive one, etc. I love to learn new things, like how to decanter a wine, or how a sommelier learns how to smell (Miyabi's whole collection of little jars was amazing).