Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career - Carla Kelly

I've been reading a lot of MEH books during the first month of 2014. I thought I was just being moody, finding almost all books (taking aside non-fiction and manga) kind of boring. So I decided to play safe and pick up a book from an author that I knew I was going to like.


I have to say that I love Carla Kelly. This is the third book I read, and each one of them was sweet. What is the best is that there are no dramas in this story. And the two main characters are bookish scholars, something I did not encounter in a Regency yet.


Ellen was wonderful. She wanted to study so she goes to this Academy for girls, who is near the Oxford University. When she arrives in town, she meets a nice young man, James Gatewood. Unfortunately for her, the Academy is not what she was expecting. So when her brother Gordon, who is an Oxford student, asks her to write a paper for him, about a Shakespeare play, she does it unwillingly, but at the same time, wanting to. She goes undercover to his University, and there is where she meets again James.


James was such a nice guy. He is immediately smitten with her. I like that, in all Carla Kelly's books I've read, friendship between the 2 MC is palpable. They are more friends than lovers. They are comfortable with each other, share secrets and opinions, and respect each other for their minds. And although James is a Lord, he only behaves like it when he wants to help people, but otherwise, he is very normal, even in his looks.


Even secondary characters are likeable. Yes, including lazy Gordon, hysteric Horry, and annoying Thomas. This book was so easy to read. I love it when the hero bonds with the younger sibling of the heroine. And although Ellen was very independent, and was very ahead of her time, I love that she relay on James' powers to help her. Aww he was so sweet.


I loved this book. I loved James Gatewood. I love Carla Kelly. I cannot express how much I liker her books. Besides Georgette Heyer, I think she is the best Regency/Clean Romance author.