The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella

WTH! Did I really read a book by Sophie Kinsella? She is like the Goddess of Chick Lit in my option, but this book was not-good-at-all. Huge disappointment. There are 3 things I always find in her books: fun moments, light romance and great characters. Nothing here!


It starts kind of good. Samantha is a successful lawyer workaholic, who is about to be the new partner of this important firm. However, a terrible mistake makes her fly away ashamed, to this beautiful place of Cotswold. I must say, this little town is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!




This place is a dream come true. Perfect setting for a chick lit.


So she, Samantha, starts working as a housekeeper in this huge house. Interesting touch? She does not know anything! about cooking,cleaning, etc. She is known for being a total mess in the domestic department. She saves her ass in a very funny way the first couple of times (spending money helps).


Then, the plot gets very surreal. We are talking about a girl who has never sewn in her entire life. A couple of cooking lessons with her crush mom, and voila! she becomes an incredible housekeeper. Not only she is excellent at cleaning, but she can bake bread! I know for a fact that to bake a bread does not take an overnight time. But Samantha is very accomplished, and she succeeds, obviously.


Her romantic interest seemed... interesting. Nathaniel. I love amused heroes, and he seemed that kind of hero at the beginning. But her instant falling in love, out of nowhere, just because she sees him shirtless was totally pathetic. I was expecting more development in their relationship, not only because he looked nice. And the first time they had sex! Their... err... "ritual" was very weird. And not romantic.


Everything is nice, blah, blah; her employers are funny and kind, although a bit crazy, blah, blah. Then Samantha, after one way or the other, finds out she has been deceived, goes back to London and the plot suddenly turns into a thriller. Once she is back, she realizes how "awful her life was". That is right. She changed 180°, in less than 2 months. She desperately wants for freedom, fresh air, blah, blah. She notices her colleagues look strained, stressed, pale, with huge black shadows under their eyes, and has she been like that too? I don't remember that life, a life that happened not less than 2 months ago!


Of course back home, back to lovely, beautiful Cotswold, no one knows the truth. Not even her true love, Nathaniel. But don't blame poor Samantha. She tried to tell him once. Only that she chickened our when she realized he absolutely hates lawyers with all his guts. Faith!


I lost all little respect I had for her when she came to the conclusion that she was happier "cleaning loos than being a lawyer". I am not even going to the feminist point of view here. It is not worth it.


Being a book from Sophie Kinsella, it is not an entirely bad book. There are some funny moments. Despite it all, I liked Samantha's employers. I liked Nathaniel's mom. Too bad her friend Freya is a very, very back-up character, because she seemed nice.


However, this is my least SK favorite book.