Boy: Tales of Childhood - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl

"Boy" is about the biography of one of the best children's book author, Roald Dahl. From the cover to the last page, everything is charming. If the author was not him, the story would have been dark and dramatic. But Roald Dahl made everything humorous. Who else would turn a memory about terrible teachers who punish little boys with canes into a funny story? Or being a Fag of annoying and mad seniors a nice story for readers?


He came from a big family. It was obvious he loved his mother dearly. I love how he named his half-sister, "the ancient sister". Only he can come up with original nicknames. There is also a mention of his famous book "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory", but as this book is mostly about his life as a little boy and as a teenager, there is not much about his works. Besides anecdotes with his family, there are a lot of stories from his days in school in college. And his teachers are all described as mean and ugly, so I guess there is where he based the villains from his books from (such as the aunts from "James and the Giant Peach").


This author can do no wrong, no matter if it is a children's book or an autobiography. I am a huge fan and I can't wait to read his other books. Who would have guessed that reading an autobiography would have been so fun, to the point of laughing several times?