Handbook for Dragon Slayers - Merrie Haskell

First I have to say that this author writes really good. I fell in love with the first book I read, "The Princess Curse". If I did not, maybe I would have liked this more, maybe not. Unfortunately, I can't avoid comparisons. Both MC are very likeable. Tilda, the princess, has a twisted foot. This was a very original concept. She likes to write, specifically, she copies, but she wants to be alone and write her own books. Her 2 companions, Judith and Parz, are also very likeable. While the other book was darker, this one was lighter and more suitable for children.


In spite of all, I found the book a bit disappointing. There was not enough of dragons, as I was hoping, and the title of the book is a bit misleading. The Handbook is not really an important item for the story. The horses had more scenes than the dragons. i admit that I did like the medieval setting. It was very well done. Only the fantasy is a bit dull.