Splintered - A.G. Howard

Another hyped book that did not live up the hype.


I was not expecting much, really. I have lost my faith in all these fantasy/paranormal Young Adults best-sellers. Once in a while I am lucky and find one that is WOW. Deep down, I wanted to like this one (it was nominated for Best Fantasy of 2013 in GR... Not sure if it won or not). But by page 2 I was not getting hooked, and I just knew it was going to be bland.


First of all... plenty of Fanservice. I mean, plenty. It was ridiculous. Allysa's hair, Allysa's clothes, Jeb's clothes, Jeb's piercing... Too much. TMI. I usually like descriptions, but this book is beyond ridiculous on all the descriptions. Every single details was described, every single one. Jeez, leave space for imagination, if you please.


Second, the characters. Allysa was annoying, but Jeb was even more annoying. He was very alpha, not much appreciated in a boy. He was dating other girl, but he gets furiously jealous of the possible rival. What a nerve. I think the book would have been a little better if Jeb was not in it.


And do all YA adults authors go to the same school or what? Seems like they all learned the same thing: get an annoying MC, get her a hottie, then get her another hottie and make a love triangle. ZZZZZZ I am so tired of love triangles.


I do admit that the world, the Underworld, was interesting. Alice in Wonderland is a world on its own; creepy and fantastic. Maybe a little gothic. But to me I felt like the author was trying too hard to make her book a best-seller (and looks as she accomplished that). I better read a book an author loved to write just because, not for the audience.


So yes, I cheated. I skipped several pages. Or else I would not have finished it ever... no, I would not have finished it at all.