Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance  - Penny Reid

I love to read chick-lit. Lately I've been having such a bad luck, because I cannot find a really good one. Good one like Sophie Kinsella. Seems like I am forever looking authors similar to Kinsella, but she is one of her kind, so it is hard.


I am very happy to say that this book was good. Very good, very chick lit. So I have no idea why I am rating it 3 stars only. I mean, if I had to list the good and bad points of this book, the good ones would be faaar more than the bad ones. And the bad ones are not even bad really....


Janie is a very nice character. She is a fun to read, but to me, she was not really funny. It starts with her worst day ever: she gets fired, she finds out her boyfriend cheated on her, she has no place to live... But, Mr McHotpants, the security guy of her former office, is there to make her a day a little better. They start to meet, first at a night club and then at work (because he gets her a job).


It is not very original, the nerdy-good-looking girl with the hottie, but I have always liked this premise. Besides, what I liked more about Janie is that she is against cell-phones and social media, because I am exactly like that. Lucky her, she spent 26 years of her life without a cell.


Yes, her tendency to babble was... somewhat nice, but it is something that bothers me a little bit. I do not believe that a woman would babble Wikipedia facts when she is nervous. It is a very unlikely fixation, and if I ever meet someone like her, I would think she is a total show-off, instead of "awww she is cute and funny."


Also, looks like Janie has the worst luck in boyfriends. Her first and only boyfriend was a total possessive and insecure; her 2nd hot boyfriend is exactly the same. She manages to elude an oppresive relationship, and goes and gets the same one. But of course this one is better, because Quinn is, as we readers can tell, The One and Only, and besides, he is hot and totally crazy for her.


There were some things that were not very clear, like what happened to her sister Jem? Why is Elizabeth suddenly a possessive best-friend? She rooted for them for almost the entire book, and then, suddenly, she is all "you-better-not-make-my-friend-cry".


And the tiny, tiny, thing that annoyed me about Janie... yes, she is clever, but hell, she could not figure out that Quinn was rich and her Boss?? Umm, hello, all the evidence was there, could she be any more wind-head?


Despite all these little complains, I had a good time reading this book. It was entertaining, nothing over the top and nothing over-dramatic, and, like I mentioned before, it was fun but not funny. I recommend this to girls who like to read fluffy chick-lit. I am not surprised the book has high ratings; I am aware I am not making any sense with my 3 stars, but as it did not WOW me, I do not change my mind.