My first read of 2014

Hex Hall  - Rachel Hawkins

This is not a bad book. If I were younger and if I had not read the books I've read so far, I'd probably liked it much more. However, the book lacks originality, which makes 80% of the story a total ZZZZZZ.


The formula has been so over-used. As a HP fan, I found tons of similarity, as well as with other books. If I had to make a summary in a few lines, I would say:


1. Plain girl goes to a paranormal school. She lives with her mother, father unknown.

2. Plain girl has an interesting first meeting with the hottest guy in school.

3. Plain girl befriends the outcast of the school.

4. Plain girl is a target of the Perfect Trio: 3 beautiful girls who are always together and always look perfect. And shock! One of these girls is the girlfriend of the hottie.

5. Plain girl gets a teacher as enemy.

6. Plain girl gets a teacher as an adviser.

7. Plain girl befriends the hottie, and both falls for each other.

8. Plain girl finds out she is not like the others; someone is trying to kill her; she is actually very, VERY powerful; hottie is actually an enemy in disguise, blah, blah, blah.


So... the outcast girl, Jenna. She is a total Ron Weasley. Only that instead of being poor, she is a vampire, one of the only one in school.


So... the Professors. The Vandy one is a total Snape. She has a grudge against our heroine, Sophie, because of her father. The director one, she is a total Dumbledore. The ghost Byron... a total Professor Binns.


So, the trio... Draco and their gang, anyone? Or better, the coven from "A Great and Terrible Beauty"?


So, the "ghost"... She reminded me of Prof. Quirrell... supposed to be nice, but she is actually an evil soul.


Add to that the Protection Spell to a school that is located where no human can see it; a High School Ball; being the only daughter of someone famous and powerful; being only child; the hot jock who likes the plain girl... Well, there you go. Their magic is kind of a joke (a class to transform cloth into dresses?) and everything is too cliche (fairies are so dumb).


It is not boring, but it is not something that will stick in my mind.


The cover is beautiful. The writing, not so much.