Unwind - Neal Shusterman

wow... just wow. I did not expect this at all.



I did know it was a dystopian and that's all. I added it to my TBR because of that, and because of the high ratings, and that's it.


I should stick to Dystopian written by male authors. And this is said by someone who reads mostly female authors. The characters were flawed but very interesting: Connor, the rebellious leader; Risa, the smart orphan and Lev, the tithe boy.


I had no idea what Unwind meant when I started reading it. It turned out to be one of the  most horrible things I've read. When a child has a difficult temper, or is an orphan, or is causing troubles constantly, parents sign a document so the child can be "Unwind". This means that the kid will be taken away and the government will use all of is/her to provide other people. To explain it better, the kid will be dismembered, and everything (their organs, blood, brain) will be used by people who needs it (whatever the reason; sickness or accident).


Of course the children will fight back. They are free only when they are 18 years old, so in the meantime they can run away. They are able to get to a place that helps these Unwinds. The Admiral who is in charge of this place... I was shocked with his story.


But even more shocked I was with the process of Unwinding. It is horrifying. It is gruesome. It is macabre. My eyes were O_O



So I am still a bit speechless. I have to analyze this again to write a proper review. But I recommend this to all people.