Boys Over Flowers: Hana Yori Dango, Vol. 3 - Yoko Kamio, 神尾葉子

Truly, I cannot understand the popularity of this manga. It is awfully awful, I don't know how else can I describe it. I was feeling uncomfortable during the whole reading, and it was not only because of the plot, but because I am shockingly surprised that girls like it -and more than anything, that they like a criminal like Doumjouji.


The bullying: people like Makino and her friend are bullied -and I mean, violently bullied- and all students (and teachers, who are non-existent) consider this normal, and worst, a diversion. No one stands in the way of the F4, the major bullies in a manga. They humiliate, they hit, they can do anything they want, and no one will stop them. There are also girls, mean girls, who bully Makino. This school is like, the nightmare of any normal student. You either have to be rich or beautiful to avoid these monsters.


Doumjouji: Gosh, I hate this character so much. It is funny to think that I endured him for 3 volumes. If it wasn't because of stupid MatsuJun, I wouldn't have take it so much. Did MatsuJun played Doumjouji exactly as he is in the manga? How can he be the prototype of Ideal Guy for girls? This Doumjouji is a criminal. To say that Draco Malfoy is an innocent kitten next to this guy is not far from the truth. Things that not even Malfoy would have done:


- This guy hit a girl. Hard. On her face. Because she was annoying.

- This guy attempted to rape his love interest. Oh, wait. He regretted it almost instantly so "he is not a bad guy". I was more scared of him that Makino was in this scene.

- This guy has a history of having a fight so hard that the other guy almost died.

- This guy started a fight with another student in school, and when his friends asked him to stop it, he said: "What difference will it make it in the world if this one guy dies?".


I don't care he "reforms" his personality in the future: I don't care if he is sometimes the way he is because "he is in love" or whatever. I think readers should stop trying to see this kind of guys as the perfect romantic interest.


I give up. I am not even interested in watching the dorama anymore.