Harry Potter Film Wizardry - Revised and Expanded - Brian Sibley

What an amazing book! I loved it, from the cover, to the little presents it brings inside! I could not stop staring at it and touching it the first couple of days. I remember that, when the first movie released, I used to cut all the articles and photos I find in any newspaper or magazine. If only I had know that one day I'd be the owner of this book!


It is very enlightening. The production gave importance to every little detail. And I mean, every single one. I admire these people so much; the designers of the set, of clothes, of creating the creatures... the people who design things that we audience cannot even look at properly; like the Weasley shop, or the Prophet newspaper, or The Quibbler, or the Gryffindor room, and thousands of other locations and characters.


Not only it is very informative; it has inside amazing little gifts I am so proud about; like the first Hogwarts letter, or stickers about Potions class, or the Marauders Map! The photographs are incredible, and the design of the book itself... I am out of words, honestly.


This book is a must for all Harry Potter's fans. I am proud to say I own one!