Dating Game - Erik Schubach

Because I gave an opportunity to MM romance (and it was a huge success), I decided to give a chance to FF too. My experience was... OK. I did not feel uncomfortable or anything. I actually felt the chemistry between Crystal and Riley.


But the plot was too unbelievable. I was tempted to read the whole book with my eyes in blank. Everybody was so nice. Crystal and Riley felt for each other so hard. Everybody was OK with the lesbian couple. I mean, everybody. For example, Riley´s mum, and that "twist" made the book so amateurish, and too unbelievable. I don't like it when everyone seems to be gay (this happens in MM romances too). That her friends are all lesbians.. OK, I can accept that. But the mother?? The freaking mother? Uggh, too much.


Crystal was just so nice, knowing a "guy". Bevi was that "oh the best friend in the entire world, and the craziest one." Riley was that hot chick super amazing. And everyone gets along with everyone. It was the "happy world" **eye-rolling**.




I cannot even start with the "misunderstanding". I know that we have to get to that point sometime, but their misunderstanding was just too dumb. Crystal knew Riley felt something for her. Riley knew Crystal felt something for her. Why make things hard, if they knew??


Also, because it is a romance between 2 girls, I have to endure the behavior of two girls: girls that like to "giggle", that like to "blush", that like to sing their songs at the top of their lungs... etc, etc. And they love to cry and dramatize.


Too "pink" for me. I like the cover, though. It is too cute; too bad the book is not.