The Wallflower, Vol. 30 - Tomoko Hayakawa

I purchased a bunch of books as Christmas self-presents, and among them, was this volume. Kyaa! I love it, I LOVE it. I was a bit afraid that it would not be as good as the last one I've read (buuu, seems years ago) but no, not at all! It is still one of the funniest (if not THE funniest) manga I've/I am currently reading.


Chapter 120: When will Auntie meet a new love? I feel sorry for her. She likes to fall in love, but her lovers are never the right one. In here, Sunako-chan and Kyohei willingly try to help her to get married (of course, for selfish reasons! haha).


Chapter 121: Finally The Princess, Tama-chan, has an interesting chapter. She is so nice and beautiful, and sweet and boring, most of the times. But she really likes Sunako-chan, and wants so much to be her friend. That is a big plus, so thanks to this chapter, I like her more than I used to.


Chapter 122: A love triangle between Ranmaru, Kyohei and Sunako. Sunako-chan is immune to Ranmaru's sex appeal, but not to his presents. I laughed to so much with the whole "Whaaaaat" from the boys.


Chapter 123: Awwww, another chapter where Sunako-chan and Kyohei have to live together and on their own. Sunako-chan does not have so much nose-bleed thanks to Kyohei's clothes; and at the end, she behaves like a normal girl who likes a boy! And it was not because of some curse or other silly reason, for which I am really grateful. Also, in this chapter, Sunako-chan and Kyohei watch Youkai Ningem Bem, which is one of my favorite doramas!


At the end, we have the author's corner. Awwww, she likes KAT-TUN! She mentions Kame-chan so much, and looks like she has a crush on him! I am very glad to see she likes the cast of her dorama. She went to see Miyao Shuntarou (Ranmaru) in a ballet play, and she also mentions Aya Omasa. Only Tego and Uchi are missing! Well, someday I hope...


Awww I am so happy with my Christmas presents! Volume 31 is staring at me, but I will try to resist a couple of months... Vol. 32 is not released yet.