Del Fantasma: Unicorn - Jet Mykles

One of the things I liked a lot in this book was that Jack, the dom, was an unicorn. An Unicorn shape-shifter. How cool is that? He has this... curse, where a virgin (of any sex), pure of heart, of soul, etc, etc, owns him until his/her purity goes away. He meets Scott, the virgin, one night, but vampires are after him (because of his blood) so their relationship starts with loads of action.


What I did not like: Jack has sex with another man just minutes before he meets Scott. Now, I am not saying the dom has to be cellibate, but I don't want to read him being bottom of another guy. Scott is a virgin, but he does not necessarily has to stay that way, so yeah, they do it the next day. Not as hot as her other books, but it was steamy.


I like Jet Mykles because, while their stories are short, novellas, I don't feel like the 2 MC romance is rushed. And better than that, I feel their chemistry. Sadly, not here. I hate it when I read MM romance, it is more lust than romance. Scott and Jack did not even know each other, and they lack chemistry. Bleh.