Waiting For Willa - Dorothy Eden

Dull. That is the word I was looking for to describe this book. And I am so disappointed it turned out this way. I was looking to read another DE book for years. I am not kidding. Years ago, I found 2 second-hand books and I loved both of them. They were so similar to Victoria Holt, who is one of my favorite authors. I guess I should stick to Gothic Historical, because Contemporary did not work.


When I found out there were a bunch of books from Dorothy Eden in e-book format, and at such a bargain, I purchased this one almost without thinking. Starts interesting. Grace sense her cousin Willa is in danger and travels to Swede. She meets several people conected to Willa, who has disappeared, in some way. The book is written in a way that reminded me of Agatha Christie: the mystery, the feeling that everyone is suspicious, how the author does not describe scenerios and people very much... It was all "I like this book" feeling.


But then, I could not stand Grace. I know she was looking for Willa and that she was very worried, but all she does is talk about Willa. Yes, Willa does not have so much scenes in the book, but she is constantly there. If I were one of the other characters, I would have gone all "could you please STFU and stop talking about damn Willa?". It was annoying, as well as the rest of the characters. Everyone looks suspicious, but that does not have to mean everyone has to be so dull! Even the love interest is dull. BORING. I think that, if the reader likes Agatha Christie, this book would be OK. Thank God I spent around USD 2.00 only.