The Unknown Ajax - Georgette Heyer

This is maybe the first time I disliked so many characters in a GH book at the beginning. Specially when Hugo comes in, because he is so nice, and everyone was a bit bitchy. Lord Darracott is an entirely tyrant thru the whole book; Vincent is a jerk for about 90% of the book; Claud is kind of empty-head, Anthea is mean, Uncle Matthew is another jerk and Richmond is a spoiled but likeable brat.


Only Lady  Aurelia and Mrs Darracott, besides Hugo of course, were OK. Until we get to that scene; the scene that MAKES the book a classic between GH fans. Everyone redeems themselves here. For that scene only, this book has be to made in a movie. Seriously. The whole act they did together, to save Richmond.. priceless.