Lucky Man: A Memoir - Michael J. Fox

Who doesn't like Michael J. Fox? He is such a nice guy, and you can tell that here in his book. His writing is simple and charming, just like him. I love him in the trilogy of Back to the Future, I grew up watching these movies. Sadly, I did not watch his series Family Ties, which is obvious is something so close to his heart. He mentions this TV show a lot in his book.


How terrible his disease, and yet, it is such a huge part of his life. When I was reading his night at the Emmy, when he won last time for his role in Spin City, I watched a clip in YouTube. It moved me to tears. And he loves his wife so much. Aww, I definitely recommend the book to everyone. It is very easy to read, it is not too long, and hey, it is Michael J. Fox! (only here I found out that the J does not mean anything; his real name is Michael Andrew Fox!