Natural Selection - minor_hue

Yes, it was cute. Hello, it is a Merthur fanfic, and so far, one of my favorites slash. I've looked for the fanfic for a long time, the author's account is closed so it was rather difficult, but I got it.


Two main things are missing, I think, in this fanfic. And only because it is Arthur/Merlin -if it was an Akame fanfic, it was going to be perfect! I think I am going to re-read it but having these two guys in mind instead-. One: Merlin's magic and clumsiness. Which are two facts that defined him. Two: Arthur's cockiness and possessiveness. Again, two things that defined him. If I am correct, the author added a 2nd part (very short) and is in this part where things are hotter. And if it weren't Arthur and Merlin, I would have thought things were getting too fast... But hey, it's Merthur.