Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

I honestly have no idea how to rate this book. There were times where I hated it, and I was sure I was going to rate it 1 star only. Then, there were other times where I was immersed in the story, and I had no doubt I would rate it 4 stars. It is a book for contradictory thoughts.


I liked Ender but for most of the times, I didn't. The one thing that for certain I did not like was that all soldiers were children. I could not imagine a bunch of children going to battles, talking the way they talk in this book, fighting, being so cold and perverse as Bonzo or Peter. Heck, Ender was 6 years only and was considered the most promising soldier. That was totally nuts. And I am not even starting with Valentine and Peter and their whole idea to dominate the world...


The scenes were their have their battles are awesome. It was easy to like Bean, Petra, Alais, Dink... the closest to friends Ender has. The adults here are the bad guys who like to manipulate children. So, for now, my rating is 3.