Keeping Sweets - Cate Ashwood

WOW, this novella is so bad is incredible. My fault, it was free, it was short and it was an MM romance, 3 irresistible facts. Just by reading the plot one would know that this is not a master-piece.


This is, no doubt, one of those Porn-with-Plot. Although I wonder, what plot? A young boy (so young!) enters into the porn films world and falls for the Porn Star Nr. 1. Let's start with the YIKES:


YIKES 1. The young boy, Evan looses his virginity in public, filmed (of course because this is pornography) in front of thousands of people.


YIKES 2. Evan feels attracted to the older guy, Brandon, by watching his porns.


YIKES 3. Brandon, the Experienced Porn Star, is immediately smitten with this naive boy, who is at least, 10 years his senior. He cannot see that Evan films with other guys, so he takes exclusivity. 


The end is corny and soooo predictable. YAWN.