Getting Genki In Japan: The Adventures and Misadventures of an American Family in Tokyo - Karen Pond, Akiko Saito

It is so funny to discover new and strange things about Japan. Or just to read about them. Some things I've already known, like the pedicure with the fish. Or the onsen. Others, like the little thing you have to wear when you are in a department store was totally new. Japan is so different from anything I know. Which is the reason why a book about Japan will never, ever, be boring.


What I did not like about this book was the "humor" of the author. I feel like she was trying to hard to be funny. She wasn't, in my opinion. I would have enjoyed it more if she did not try to be funny. I mean, be a foreign living in Japan and trying to figure it out between the language, their Hiragana/Katagana, etc, their beautiful and strange customs... that is funny enough; no reason to exaggerate or dramatize or whatever.


Also, it is very short. The chapters have 3 pages at the most, but the size of the text is huge. The illustrations are nice.