Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, #2) - Elizabeth Hoyt,  Ashford Macnab

I like it when it is not necessary to read the first volume of a saga to understand the story. Luckily it happens here; usually in Regencies the stories are linked but they are easy to understand if you read as I did: 2nd without having read the 1st one.


Well, the way Hero and Griffin meets... Such a turn off! Awful way to introduce a hero. If I were Hero, that would have been a big NO, and bye romance. Well, she is not me, which is a bit of luck or there would not be a book. Yes, he is a rake, and that is the best way to prove it, I guess. But MEH.


Hero is mostly nice, hot and cold. But there starts to be a moment when you can´t help to feel exasperated with her. She is so stubborn when it comes to her feelings, but she is all complacent once Griffin merely kisses her.


If you compare Griffin with the other guys in the story, he is the best by far. His brother Thomas is a coward and an ass. Hero´s brother... ugh, I hated him more than Thomas, and that is saying something. I strongly hope that he is not the next hero in the following volume.


I did not like the short story that is at the beginning of each chapter, it is completely unnecessary -unless it is related to the first volume, something I will not know.- I was tempted to skip it, but I did not.


The first half is probably better than the last part (manly because of Hero). Because I drop to read steamy Regencies in a long time, I was not used to Griffin, err, hot words before or while the love-making; it was kind of tacky in my opinion. And Hero, already being unfaithful to her fiancee... Nice book, but I would not recommend it. I admit I enjoyed it half of it at least.