Babe in Boyland - Jody Gehrman

I usually enjoy the cross-gender. Books like Georgette Heyer's or mangas like OHSHC...I also watched the dorama Hana Kimi and I totally enjoyed She is the Man.


I think that, if this book was a movie, I would have liked it more. What am I saying... there is a movie and it is She is the Man. This book is like a rip-off, changing only minor details.


- Natalie is a stage actress, not a Football player.

- Channing's character here is a Latin boy, Emilio (por que los Latinos tienen que tener nombres tan feos en libros americanos es un misterio), also a stage actor.

- Natalie disguises as a boy to write an article, not because she wants to play Football.

- Olivia's character here is Emilio's sister, not a classmate.

- She actually cuts her hair, unlike Viola who just wore a wig.

- Natalie has an, err... original way to express herself, by exclaiming Scheisse, every once in a while. I did not fully comprehend why the need to swear in German (?).

- Errr... that's it.


To say this book is over-full of cliches is not an exaggeration:


The different kind of guys sitting together over lunch (think "Mean Girls"): the jocks, the nerds, the rich-guys, etc, etc, is funny in a movie; in a book, "not that again!".


Boys who look at the girl-disguised-as-boy funnily because she acts girly, so she has to correct herself by acting manly.


The blond girl who is a total bitch/slut.


The MC making silly mistakes like praising a woman's shoes, when she is disguised as a boy, making her cover suspicious for a moment.


The entry of the MC to the school in the easiest way ever, as if anyone can enter a prestigious school just like **snap of fingers** that.


The main love interest bonding only with his new roommate (that's right, Natalie is ALSO Emilio's roommate, as Viola was to Duke's).


The Latin lover saying random words in Spanish. Ugh, used like, ton of times.


The nice girl (Erica) falling for the Boy-MC because he is sensitive, unlike other guys.


First kiss between Natalie and Emilio is on stage; similar to Viola and Duke's which was on a fair. Sparks fly everywhere.


MC Loser Status is changed 180° when guys catch her with her two girlfriends (although in Viola's case, it was intentional).


MC learning A LOT of boys' mysteries and girls' issues in her one-week as a boy. Things like: boys have feelings. Girls don't need to pretend to be another person. Boys just don't like to show their feelings. Etc, etc, etc.


I could go on and on, Yes, I did like the movie so I can see the many resemblances. I guess I would have like it more if I did not watch the movie. It is light and comical, and pretty short.