The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants - Ann Brashares

I started the Sisterhood saga with Nr. 3, because it was the only one on sale here. I've finally read the first one, and I got to say, I loved it. I watched the movie a lot of times, so it is like I know the characters very well. I cannot say which girl I like best; maybe all of them, with their flaws and virtues.


The Pants are the symbol of friendship and self-confidence. Carmen, Tibby, Lena and Bridget may be a thousand miles apart, but the Pants is what makes them together. Each one of them has the voice of her other girlfriends in mind when she is wearing the Pants; also, she feels more confident and loved in them. It is not like the Pants have magic; it is the bond between them what makes the Pants magical.


Each one of them lives her own adventure, apart from the others. Each adventure makes them grow up and mature. I liked best Lena's and Tibby's story, but it is Bailey's the most touching one. I knew what was going to happen, of course (the movie was very well done; just minors changes, like Kostos and Lena a la Romeo and Julieta story), but we get to know Bailey better in the book. She is an amazing character.


I enjoy a lot reading books about friendship. This one is the perfect book about friends, even if they physically apart for most of the story.