Honey Darling (Yaoi Manga) - Norikazu Akira

Two main points about this manga:

1. The art: this mangaka is just a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I can totally understand why two straight guys as Kuma-sensei and Chii will get gay for the other. They are hot . And I don't mean "cute" (although Chii is, a LOT). They are just beautiful, in a Japanese style. I also like that the mangaka add the cat-ears to Chii every time he is angry.

2. It is more sweet than smutty: This volume has 8 chapters, and nothing happens in the first 7 chapters. By "nothing" I mean it is more shounen-ai than yaoi. Chii meets Kuma when he is desperately looking for a veterinary. Then he starts working as a "housewife" for Kuma. It takes some time to Chii to realize his feelings for Kuma. The sex scene is more cute than hot, because Kuma wants to go slow (very different from the other manga I read from the same author, "Beast & Feast").

Needless to say, I will read more mangas by the same mangaka.