Tokyo on Foot: Travels in the City's Most Colorful Neighborhoods - Florent Chavouet

This guy lived my dream, lucky man! He moved to Tokyo for 6 months and spent most of his time riding his bike and drawing places and people. His sketches are lovely and colorful. Among my favorites may be the Kōban illustrations (Japanese police boxes). The details are amazing, although some of the sketches had a lot of spaces in blank.

The book is quite big (not thick). The author's adventures with the police and his bike were very funny. Too bad he does not describe more of his adventures (there is barely any writing). Towards the end I had a pleasant surprise: the author included also a sketch of my future husband and love of  my life, Kamenashi Kazuya; and of the most popular Johnny boy band, SMAP.

If you are looking for information about Tokyo, this book will not do. But it will give you a glimpse of the everyday life in the "most beautiful of ugly cities" (as if!)