A Separate Peace - John Knowles

I was looking for a book similar to Dead Poets Society, and this one was recommended. It is definitely very similar; a school for boys, friendship, pranks, boys with problems...


Since the moment we are introduced to Finny, I immediately liked him. There was something in him that reminded me so much of Nuwanda (the best character in DPS, in my opinion). He was reckless, loyal, full of life. Gene's voice, who is the main character, feels weak in comparison. Which is why I refuse to accept the end of the book. Gah! Everything was going to well, it was engaging, it was a bit dramatic, with Gene so jealous of Finny, and at the same time, so fond of him. Lot of bromance, which was bittersweet, no idea why. I guess because Finny knew that fact deep down, and even so, he considered Gene his best and only friend.


The last chapter... was the author's idea to end it so melodramatic to make the book unforgettable? It did not make any sense to me. Specially doing that to my favorite character.