Friend or Flame (Flame, #2) - Spotofpaint

I am thankful to the author because she wrote this fanfic without making it yaoi. She proclaimed that she respects Light and L a lot to make them sexual characters. Which is exactly why I have problems reading L/Light fanfic M rated. I love L very much, I cannot see him as a horny teenage boy.


If I did not have L and Light in my mind when I read this fanfic, I would have said that I liked it more than I did. Light is someone who was such a jerk in his past, and seeing him in a new light, taking care of L, trying to make him happy, to protect him... In this story, L is very screwed up. I mean, a lot. His past, his present... There is where my main problem was. L was so sensitive here, and insecure. Totally OoC. I get that it is a fanfic, but as a huge fan of L, it was difficult for me to see him like that.


This review is totally pointless.