Poughkeepsie - Debra Anastasia

I don't think I am going to finish this book, and it is because it is not my style at all. I started reading it because it was recommended to me. I had no idea what it was about. It is so similar (not in plot, but in style) to Beautiful Disaster, a book I did not care about. I am aware that a lot of people love it; specially girls who like screwed up boys with that badass image, falling madly in love with an everyday girl. ugh.


I will keep trying to finish it; I have read at least 50% of the story, so I may be able. Brandon is so... tragic. And I don't think any young girl would have taken notice of a homeless guy. So yeah, very unrealistic that make me want to roll my eyes. And I can't even start with Cole and Livia's sister. Maybe the couple that is more interesting is Beckett and Eve, but not enough to keep me going.