Kimi ni Todoke, Volume 14 - Karuho Shiina, 椎名 軽穂 This volume focus not only in the couple Shouta-Sawako, but we also get some Yano's side of her story and Chizu and Ryu's relantioship.

Shouta-Sawako: so sweet! They both want to kiss for the first time, and while trying, they are so innocent and adorable. It amazes me how the attempt of the first kiss takes several pages, creating a tension for the reader and for both of the main characters. And not only that, every touch is described by one of them as something beautiful and lovely.

Yano: she always seemed to me the most depressing character in the manga. It is not that I do not like her, because I do, but her story is sad and she does not look so happy either. Luckily she has her friends, but her love life is depressing. I am still no sure what is going on between her and Kent and Pin... who is the one she likes? I like both guys, one is nice and bright; the other is silly and funny, so whoever she chooses will be fine.

Chizu and Ryu: hmmmm, I want to shake Chizu for not knowing her feeling towards Ryu, but it is understandable, he was always her best-friend. He finally confesses, and she says to him 'I've never looked at you in that way'. Waaaa poor Ryu :S