Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Vol. 10 - Karuho Shiina Finally! Both of them confessed their feelings! And not only that, Kazehaya confessed everything in front of his whole class! So there will be no more misunderstandings... which is what always happens with Sawako. What I really like about this manga is that there are no bad people... Even Kurumi helped something in the whole Sawako-Kazehaya relationship... and the other, like Kento, Pin, the girls... who were just trying to help did a mess of everything but with no hard feelings.

This volume has more 'awwwww' moments than ever, with all the Kazehaya confessions: 'She is my girlfriend', 'it was like a dream', 'I always liked her'.... awwww this boy is just cute! He finally understood that he has to be direct with Sawako, cause this girl just misunderstands everything... And Sawako's reactions... especially when she heard she was her girlfriend! And Chizu and Yano, so overprotective... awwwww love it.