No Touching At All - Kou Yoneda WOW, a really sweet yaoi. The art is also beautiful, very real, no chibis here. And the story... so touching. Shima is a cute, kind of emo uke. He is shy, very introvert, all due his past and a lost love (a man that was a coward, who denied his sexuality, and by doing that, denied his love for Shima and ruined his reputation). Shima's trauma made him reluctant to fall in love again.

Enter boss Togawa, a man-next-door, who is kind, a smoker, and very attracted to Shima. Before they even know, they fell in love. And that is why I considered this manga very real. Togawa is the seme; all his life he was straight. He meets Shima and immediately feels protective of him. There is no hot sex... only tender sex IMO. And what I liked so much about Togawa is that he gave up his dream of becoming a father because he loved Shima so much.

Best scenes:

- when they are on the train and Shima gets a call from his ex-lover and Togawa pick up the call and tells the guy to leave his boyfriend alone! or else, he (Togawa) is going to kick his ass, basically.
- when Togawa goes for the first time to Shima's apartment and spend the night there, in the same bed, only hugging him.

Sweet yaoi.