The Tyrant Falls In Love Volume 3 (Yaoi) (Yaoi Manga) - Hinako Takanaga Seriously, this Morinaga is like a dog in heat! Doing that to Souichi in right on the sidewalk! But then, it was totally hot... Even if there was a voyeur watching... OMG!

The whole blackmailing thing was pretty funny. Souichi was forced to perform everynight in a karaoke with the voyeur, while Morinaga was thinking sempai was having a affair. Of course he was totally jealous, until Souichi told him he was not doing 'that' with anyone, meaning Morinaga is special to him!

The manga is very explicit, but also sweet and funny. One of the things I like the most is that, while Souichi is the uke in the story, he behaves sometimes like the seme (he is tough, he also has the features of the semes), and while Morinaga is the seme, he also is sometimes the uke (he is insecure, he cries, he looks more femenine).

Shoichi may be a homophobic, but he never reacts like that when he is with Morinaga (except when Morinaga starts to get horny). Too bad there is only 2 OVAS, there should have been an anime with at least 12 chapters.