The Tyrant Falls in Love, Volume 7 - Hinako Takanaga Sempai is starting to get on my nerves. I know, I know... he is a straight guy and he is afraid of having developed these feelings for a man. But why does he have to say such hurtful things to poor Morinaga? Like he was 'forced' to do all the things they've done? Yeah right, 'forced'. Sempai, do you remember the times when YOU were the one who kissed first Morinaga? It was not just ONCE, but TWICE, if I recall correctly.

AND Sempai is always receiving, not giving. Could you please say at least NICE things to Morinaga? Instead of punching/kicking/rejecting him? AND then you say you do not care about him? So why do you have to be such a TYRANT to forbid him to see an old friend?

Seriously, sometimes I want to punch Sempai in the face. He keeps denying his feelings for Morinaga AND making him suffer.. AND then he wants to make love, but at the same time, he says he doesn't -WTH!-

Despite all the drama, I like this couple a lot.