Beauty Is the Beast: Volume 1 - Tomo Matsumoto There are several things I do not like that much in this manga, but there are also a couple of things I like a lot. I like Eimi, the main character. She looks more like a little girl instead of a teen, but she is nice, does not cry as most main girls in a shoujo, and her chibis are very funny. She is, basically, very normal and likeable.

Wanibuchi, as the main male character, is also interesting. He is supposed to be dangerous, but he does not intimidate Eimi at all, and they get along pretty well, without having embarrassed moments or any flirting (unless you count the times he is shirtless and Eimi is there open-mouthed).

The little facts the author puts about the dorms are very interesting, especially if you are interested in slices of life that are unknown to you. I have never experienced school dormitories and stuff, and this is Japan, so it is even more interesting.

What I did not like was: her friends. Misa looks more like a robot, with no feelings and emotions. And Suzu is weird, with her lace/underwear fetish. Sometimes she looked like Inui, Wanibuchi's friend. Personalities of characters is not well developed. So far, I think I can understand only Eimi and Wanibuchi, the others... nothing.

The art-style: I have a problem liking their noses. Looking front, looks like they do not have any nose, like it was cut. From sideways, they are too long.

Overall, I liked it, and I will probably continue reading it.