Junketsu + Kareshi, Vol. 01 - Aya Shouoto, 硝音あや The whole thing about hunting Stigmas is a very good idea. So, reading a summary, about a hot vampire whose only food is this Girl Kana, and who is hunting for the 7 Stigmas to dominate the world sounds like a story I will be a huge fan of. It is not like that after I finished reading the first volume, but overall I liked it... despite the rush in the story (everything happens so quickly, and we do not even know what happened in the past, who is this guy, where and when did they meet, etc.)

There are a few gorgeous men, like this vampire Aki (who is the typical hot, sexy, strong, cold guy who likes the Girl a lot -there is not other girl for him despite all the beautiful girls who swoon over him- and who craves for her blood), the Friend (who is blond, while Aki is dark-haired... obviously in a love triangle there has to be a blond and a dark-haired, right?) who is also a demon, and who wants to protect the Girl from everything (especially from the Bad Guy, aka, Aki) and there is also a hot guy who makes sure rules are followed, aka, the enemy of the Bad-Hot Guy.

Kana, with the short hair, looks kind of tomboyish. I could not help thinking this was like a shounen-ai (true, I have read very few shounen-ai, but this is similar to, let's say, The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 1 -I watched the anime only... like 4 chapters- or Undertaker Riddle, Vol. 1), where there is this hot paranormal young man who likes this normal, kind of childish boy.

Lately I am not a true fan of vampires (especially vampires who are totally crazy for Mary Sue and who want to drink only Mary Sue's blood), but overall, this manga was nice, and I may read the second volume later on.