Cotillion - Georgette Heyer 4 stars and a half
I was a bit reluctant about this book, it has sooo many good reviews that it was a little suspicious. Luckily, it did not disappointed me at all, especially Freddy, a character that was mentioned positively. I thought that he was going to be like Gilly, at the beginning of The Foundling: nice but weak. And yes, he is nice, but also generous, and so funny! I love his expression "Dash it", I never read or heard this before.

Kitty is also a good character, nice with everyone but not sooo naive. Her friendship with the beautiful and silly Olivia was similar to the one in Emma, with Harriet, only that Olivia was not as foolish as Harriet.

Comment aside: the cover on this edition is so beautiful! It has not a thing in common with the story, but this cover is prettiest in all GeorgetteĀ“s Heyer I have read so far.