Black Butler, Vol. 13 - Yana Toboso, Yana Toboso I am still undecided whether to give this volume a 3 star rating or a 4 star.

So OK, I like Lizzy a little more. She really cares for Ciel, her story is kind of cute. I can't really like her because a)her hairstyle is ridiculous considering her age (14-years-old in Victorian period), b)I will never forget the time when she broke Ciel's ring, knowing that it meant so much to Ciel, and c) I absolutely despise her high-pitched voice in the anime. But at least she is great with the sword, and what is more important, she cares for Ciel.

So, the Why, God, why! I have with this volume (spoilers):

1) Viscount Druitt being a crazy narcissistic man trying to create his army of zombies. WTF? He was always introduced as a silly, funny, vain character (except that time when he kidnapped Ciel as a girl). I got used to like him, so this was kind of WTF moment.

2) Undertaker as the villain. WTF? I have always liked Undertaker, and then comes this surprise that he was actually the one behind all this idea of the zombies. He even attacks Ciel and Sebastian, when I always assumed he was an ally in the Sebastian-Ciel Team. The fact that he was a shinigami came as no surprise, as I have watched both season of the anime (and I think that Undertaker as a shinigami is great. I even think his Death-Scythe is awesome), but when he 'killed' Sebastian I was like "Why, God, why!". I never in my life would imagined he would do that to freaking Sebastian, for God's sake! He really was a good actor, because it always seemed he liked him, and Ciel.

3) I still cannot accept everytime Grell attacks Sebastian. The anime spoiled me in that aspect. Grell attacking his beloved Sebastian?? Whaaaat??

4) Sebastian being "killed" and I am saying this not only because Under-freaking-taker was the one killing him, but it always shocking to watch Sebastian all bloody (blood actually blowing up, exploding from his body and mouth).

The WOW moments:

- The fight Grell-Ronald vs. Sebastian vs. Undertaker. I would have loved that this scene would have been in the anime! Each one with his own weapon, whether scythes or knifes.

- I love it when Ciel, Sebastian, Grell and Ronald thought at the same time "Let's kill him" meaning Viscount Druitt, and, despite that, they still have to do the Phoenix Pose! That was sooo awesome.

The moments that made me kind of sad:

- The whole reminder of the Titanic sinking.

- The record of the life of Sebastian. I am not sure why. Maybe because I felt so sorry for Ciel? I still do not know exactly what people did to him, but that image of him so skinny, practically in bones... And Sebastian was more demon than human. I mean, he did all in a supernatural way (refurbishing the mansion, the breakfast, etc) and his face did not show any emotion, except when Ciel gave him his name (after his dog. That was great). I don't know, I think I am still hoping that he cares for Ciel, when deep down, I am sure he does not or never will.

So, after all, I think I am going to rate 3 and a half stars.