eensy-weensy モンスター (1) (花とゆめCOMICS) - 津田 雅美 I bought this manga cuz the idea of a little monster living inside a normal girl caught my attention. I am glad I read it. It was cute and funny. Nanoha is an ordinary girl who has two gorgeous best friends, so no one pay attention to her. She is calm, nice and simple. There is only one thing that bothers her, and that is Hazuki, "The Prince" at the school. He is handsome, frivolous and he is always surrended by girls.

One day, because of a missunderstanding, the Little Monster explodes and tells Hazuki a couple of facts. He, instead of taking offence, takes in mind all the thing she told him and tries to change and being more mature. This was so nice of him. And because of that, he wants to be her friend.

Both of them are nice characters. The friendship stars pretty soon, and that is because Hazuki tries to change into someone better, and Nanoha realizes he is a nice guy and she was pretty tough with him. The pace is well done.

The art is simple but cute. And the little monster is very funny.