Kimi ni Todoke, Volume 17 - Karuho Shiina I've been missing this manga a lot, especially Sawako's chibi, which must be the cutest chibi in a manga (awwww I missed her so much). I just found out that Volume 18 is complete, so I thought to re-read Volume 17 to refresh my mind.

All the scenes related to Chizu and Ryu were amazing. They may be my favorite couple in the story now. The awkwardness (on Chizu's side only) is very sweet. Of course Ryuu will never be nervous; he is like, the coolest and more mature guy I've read in a shoujo. And all the misunderstanding with Joe at the Christmas' party, hilarious! He wants a girlfriend so badly.

Ayane and Kent... It is not that I don't like them, but I don't feel the 'chemistry' between them. Maybe I am sub-conscientiously rooting for Pin?

And at last, the first kiss. It takes a whole chapter, and that is why is so cute. As always, the mangaka knows how to create a story without rushing into things, and without being slow-paced.