Barajou no Kiss, Vol. 01 - Aya Shouoto, 硝音あや

Lucky girl this Anis, she is surrounded by 4 bishounen. As expected, all with different looks (even different hair color) and personalities.

Tenjoh (White Rose) is kind like Tamaki from OHSHC: popular, rich, silly and very egocentric. Then we have Kaede (Red Rose) who is the closer in terms of friendship with Anis: both of them quarreled all the time but it is he whom she trusts the most. The 3rd one is Asagi (Blue Rose) who looks like a girl and is the most sensitive and cute. And last, Mutsuki (Black Rose) who looks scary, is serious and doesn't like Anis -at the beginning- as his master. He looks a lot like Lelouch from "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion".

The art is cute, reminds me of one of my favorite which is InuxBoku SS. In fact, Anis is one of those shoujo MC who is flat-chested, rather sarcastic, small, loli-looking.

I liked the manga, it is interesting enough to read 2nd volume, with a paranormal touch, cute moments, loads of flowers in the air, enough mystery (who is the one who stole Anis' choker?). A little predictable, and I am not really fond of harems, but I may give this manga an exception.