The Summer I Became a Nerd - Leah Rae Miller 3.5 stars.

The mere word "nerd" is enough to catch my attention. Maddie was so funny at the beginning. A couple of things I loved about her, cuz I do the same:

- Be excited at getting a new package containing a new book. And when you open it, you want to smell it, feel it with your fingers first, before devouring the story.

- Put the new book in a bag, to protect it.

- Have a journal to write your thoughts about the book on it.

Maddie was so silly sometimes hiding her true self that it was hilarious. Like when she goes to the comic store, all dressed up with sunglasses and hoodies. And Logan was adorable. He was kinda like Chuck Bartowski, and she like Sarah Walker: the cute nerd and the hot cheerleader. As I am not really into cosplay (although I would like to), I did not understand very well their game (LARP), with the fairies, elves, etc. Which at the same time, I liked I lot, because it means the author is into this, or at least, she did her research.

The strongest part of the book was definitely at the beginning. Not that it gets worse or anything, because Maddie and Logan are very likeable, as well as the rest of the characters. They have their annoying moments: Maddie with the misunderstanding about the break-up and for not telling anyone about her "true identity", and Logan, when he sulks a bit. But again, they liked each other since a long time ago (Logan liked her since they were children), and that alone is 'awwww'.

It would make a wonderful teen movie.