The Tyrant Falls in Love, Volume 1 - Hinako Takanaga I have been avoiding the first volume of this manga because I have already watched OVA 1 & OVA 2 (the OVAS are exactly the same as Vol 1), and of course, I am against rape. True, when I watched the OVAS I was immediately attracted to this manga, and I read it as soon as I could. I liked Sempai, despite his grumpy behavior. And God forgives me, I also liked Morinaga, the rapist, who has been in love with Sempai for so long he had to take his chance when he could.

I am missing them a lot. I have been re-reading Vol 2 to Vol 7 regularly. This is my favorite yaoi manga, even more than Junjou Romantica. I want so much other OVAS of this manga.