Just For You - Jet Mykles 2.5 stars because it does not feel right to rate a book by Jet Mykles so low.

Yesterday in a spur of the moment I bought the e-book. Jet Mykles is the author that got me into MM romance, with the terrific series of "Heaven". What I've read about her is that she likes yaoi manga, which it is more than evident, because her stories are sweet and hot. Usually you can distinguish between the 'aggressive' man from the 'submissive' one in her books, but in this one, they were equal.

The way they meet was so cute. Love at first sight. Justin immediately confesses his admiration and Kevin is flattered, but he is 'straight'. The chemistry is palpable and both of them together is very steamy.

Too but it is so short. There are some things that left me unsatisfied; like Kevin introducing Justin to his friends. Or what was the story of Victor? I liked that there was a potential female rival, though.

{If I were Justin I would have go for Victor all the way. But that is just me, because I love Asians hotties.}