Hiyokoi 1 - Yukimaru Moe

MEH. This is what I get for looking mangas like Kimi Ni Todoke. True, there are similarities between both of them:

- shy Girl, very introvert
- popular Boy, who gets along with everybody
- both of them seats next to each other (and she is by the window)
- beautiful girl is the Rival
- the Girl starts to socialize thanks to the Boy
- there is a stray animal who then lives with one of them

BUT... the shy Girl is NOT cute as Sawako. In fact, I think she is pretty annoying, whinny, and falls in love pretty quickly with the Boy. The Boy is NOT cute as Kazehaya. He is an OK character, I feel I did not get to know him very well. At least in the first volume, he is bland.

No, I will NOT continue reading this manga. I downloaded the OVA thinking it was a mix between Love.Com and KNT (and I guess I am more or less right) but this manga lacks cuteness, sympathy and all the nice things that are Love.Com and KNT.