Black Butler, Vol. 15 - Yana Toboso Oh-la-la! I am doing the happy dance now... it's been a while since I've read a KS volume. I've read this one smiling the whole time. Once again I was in awe with the art; this mangaka is seriously DA BEST EVAH.

Ciel as a pure, nice, innocent student... ha! He is as Machiavellian as ever. And Sebastian has to deal his duties as a Butler as well as a Butler. I want a Professor like him too, awww. The Houses are beautiful, and the Prefects, so mysterious. And it was great to see Soma back, because he is funny. There were a couple of guys who, at first, I thought were girls, which confused me cuz, wasn't Weston College a All-Boys School? This Cole and Joanne Harcourt (and the name was not helping either). Oh, and one's always learning something new everyday: I've learnt that "fag" means, in British English, like a servant for older boys in schools.

So, no blood in this volume, and there is barely any violence; a huge contrast to the latter volumes. But there is definitely that Gothic feeling that characterized KS.

And on a totally relevant note, there is a new Live Action Teaser. Of this manga. Of Sebastian. Yeah, right. I like you, Hiro, I really do (as a Nanba-sempai, he did a great job), but this is a huge no. NO, NO, NO. Why, people? Why!