Life of Pi - Yann Martel

There was a part in the book where Pi is explaining something that Richard Parker does. I was curious to know how and what was it. So I googled it. One of the first options was a video (YouTube). Imagine my delight when I read the comments and almost every single of them was of somebody reading "Life of Pi". All viewers gathered because of this awesome book. If you have read it, you have probably done the same thing. If you did not read it yet, you will probably do the same thing. Oh, the joy of knowing there are other Kindred Spirits, even if they are strangers.

Pi also explains something about animals that are in zoos and that people think they are unhappy and they want their freedom back, when it is the opposite. I am not saying Pi is not right, but I have listened/sang a song years ago that reveals other reality: El Oso, which in English is The Bear. Basically it is about a bear who is living happily in the forest until humans catch him and take him to a circus. And he misses his freedom terribly. This song is always in my mind when I visit a zoo.

I can finally watch the movie now.