Wedding Ghost - Cindy Holbrook

I was so tempted to give up several times while I was reading it. But I don't like to rate/review a book that I did not finish. And I wanted to review it. Besides, I own a paper book, which is what frustrates me the most. If it was an e-book, fine, I could have deleted/removed it. But there are no Cindy Holbrook e-books yet, and I honestly don't have spaces left in my shelf for paper-books (ha, as if I could stop buying!). I think I am going to leave this book in an empty seat of the bus or something.

Where to start... alright, the main points; points I remember so far, but that may increase within the week:

1. The love story. B-O-R-I-N-G! It was already a bad sign when I decided to leave the book for a moment to go and eat something while Anna and Roark kissed for the first time. The first kiss should be like, the climax of a Regency romance. First epic fail.

2. This is Regency, for God's sake. But everyone was calling everybody by their first name. No formality here. This is Anna, this is Roark, this is Aunt Deirdre, this is Julian... what were their last names? Right, Julian was the "charming villain", but even villains address the ladies by their last name. Why, the first time they meet, Julian calls Anna Anna. And she, Julian. (!)

3. There is a pregnant girl out of wedlock. And it is like, the most common thing for all these characters. Wrong! In Regency era, just saying the word "pregnant" made the girls blush. Imagine a girl pregnant AND single (and the father gone nonetheless). Anna and her sister Beth (who was the epitome of everything good, nice, etc) were not even shocked about this fact. And Aunt Deirdre even joked about it. Joked!

4. Anna and Roark were caught in bed together (of course, this is a clean-romance, so nothing happened) and no one is shocked. Not even Virginal Beth. I even asked myself if I was reading a regency or a contemporary love story?

5. The story is so predictable is painful. We have our MC, a plain Jane, who not only is beyond perfect for our hero, but she gets a suitor for the first time in her life, causing (of course) jealousy in our tormented hero Roark. The suitor is, of course!, charming, handsome, blah, blah. So why does this charming young man, who can have anyone, "fall" for our heroine? When no one in her twenty-something has ever paid her attention? Oh no, it is not because she is suddenly pretty, blah, blah, but because he has second intentions. Predictable. Of course our heroine cannot have another suitor without mean intentions involved.

6. The story is as corny as hell. Everyone has his/her love, and everyone is sooo much in love. Like, "I-cannot-live-without-you" in love. For about 30% of the book, the only character I liked was the ghost. Until he decides to become match-maker (along with everybody), because, of course, everybody but Anna and Roark, knew they were meant for each other. **yawn**

This is a clean-romance, but it is very heated-up and lusty. I wouldn't have been so angry with this book if a) I haven't the paper-book and b) I haven't read other books by this author. I have to give up with Cindy Holbrook, which is really bad cause I thought I found another favorite regency author. But 2 MEH books out of 3 its a sign.