Seduction - Amanda Quick Actually I give this book 3 stars and a half, mostly because of Sophy. I read this book like 3 years ago and then I forgot about it. But one scene has been kept on my mind all the time: when Sophy drugs Julian when he wanted to consummate their marriage. I found that scene very witty, and Julian totally deserved that. I didnĀ“t remember the title of the book nor the author, so I posted that particular scene in What is the Name of that Book group, and after 2 weeks or so, I got the answer (thank you Lauren!)

I liked the story especially because of Sophy, she was strong, feminist, clever. And of course, it was very fortunate that she knew about herbs to drug her stupid husband when he reclaimed his "rights as a husband", even if she wasnt willing to. I also liked her younger friends, Anne and Jane, they deserve their own book.

As for Julian... ***sighs*** I really wanted to like him, mostly because Julian is my favorite male name. But he was a complete jerk! Totally sexist, he even had the nerve to be angry with Sophy when she reclaimed her demands to be fulfill (demands that he agreed to accomplish before they were married, but completely ignored after the wedding). He was angry most of the story, I had no patience with this man. In fact, I almost hated him, only after I reminded this was an Amanda Quick book I couldnt hate him.

Anyway, I would recommend this book just for that scene where she drugs him. Because of that this book is, if not great, very entertaining.